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Thank You for the above information!

Now it gets a little more difficult as you must very carefully select the way HV/Net will handle putting up your event. Events can be one of the following three types, each with different needs for placement:

Single Dated Event

This is probably the most common type of event, something that happens on a single day or specific and limited series of days. For instance a dinner or lecture on a specific night or a fair or festival that takes place on 5 specific days over two weekends. If this is the type of event you are submitting, you will want to submit a listing inclusion for each of the days the event takes place on. Just keep using your BACK BUTTON to return to this form and changing the date as many times as you need to accommodate all the dates.

Repeating Event

For instance, every Third Tuesday of the month your organization has it's meeting, or Every Saturday night your business has a live band and dancing. This type of Event repeats over and over on a regular and predictable schedule. It may take more than a single entry to accommodate your event, for instance every Second Tuesday and Fourth Thursday you have a Bridge Club meeting, just keep using your BACK BUTTON to return to this form and changing the Frequency as many times as you need to accommodate your event schedule.

Ongoing Events

This type of event is one with a beginning and end, but spans many weeks or months and is available for participation on a regular daily schedule. For instance, an exhibition in a gallery that starts in June and ends in September. This type of event is available multiple days a week. Be sure to state the availability for participation in your Event Description. This type of Event should not need to be entered more than once into the Valley Calendar to accommodate inclusion in the right dates.

OK, please let us know what type of Event you wish to post and how to handle it!

Step #1 - Event Type Single Dated Event
Repeating Event
Ongoing Event

PLEASE NOTE: HV/Net reserves the right to reject any Event submitted for inclusion in it's On-Line Calendar for whatever reasons deemed appropriate.

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