Alps Sweet Shop

Cahterine Ariss - 05/28/2001
"This is seriously the best chocolate in the country. I live in California now, and believe me, it's way better than See's chocolate. Treat yourself!"

Robert W. Ballard - 04/19/2001
"This is truly gourmet chocolate and should be advertised as such."

Daniel Velazquez - 04/11/2001
"The Alps rule the homemade chocolate world!...I live in Cary North Carolina and I order there chocalate through the mail via family members..I tried to see if local choclatiers had any comparable quality or pricing and I was shocked to see how much more money and less quality the local shops were offering us...Boy, do I miss just walking into the shop and smelling the goodies. Tasting them is the best!...I wish that they would branch out to this area of North Carolina. I know that they would Rule!"

Joanne Chun-Ming - 03/01/2001
"I am a lover of dark chocolate. I was just recently had some of alps sweet shop and it is the best ever!!! It's so smooth and creamy!! It's just simply wonderous!! Happy in hawaii jo"

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