Green Acres Farm

Bob Evans - 08/01/2005
"This place gets my vote for offering only locally-produced fruits and baked goods. The prices are worth paying, knowing that I'm buying an apple or heirloom tomato that was actually grown in New York State. It's been owned by the same family for generations and the bakery is well worth the smells alone. We stop every fall on our way upstate."

Phil Nasser - 10/04/2004
"The best part about this place is the bakery. The pies are excellent, probably the best in the county. Other baked goods are good to very good. Selection of fruit & veggies is small,but decent in quality and price. Only problem is that they are open for a short season -- they don't open until July. I guess that is when local fruit starts to become available. Anyway, the pies are a real treat and well worth the trip."

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