Golden Ginza

Marc-Eric Kahle - 07/31/2001
"The Golden Ginza is my absolute favorite Japanese Restaurant in the Hudson Valley. Ok, there are others in Poughkeepsie and so on but here the price is right and the quality is great. The food is absolutely great. The entertainment provided by the cooks, when having the HIBACHI (cooking on the table) is also fantastic and everybody will enjoy it. The cook will do artistic things that you probably never saw before. I am from germany and I've been at the Golden Ginza first in 1994. The quality of the food is always delicious. You can chose between seafood (shrimps..), steak and chicken hibachi and Sushi as a starter if you want. Every time I come back to the Kingston area I visit this place. If you want just "regular" japanese food you can chose from a long list on the menue. The Hibachi starts always with a soup, you get vegetables and then the main course. The staff is very friendly and you will leave the restaurant with a smile and a satisfied appetite. AND you will return for sure. This place is a absolute must when you are in the Kingston area."

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