Rosita's Mexican Restaurant

Diane O'Connor - 02/08/2004
"Great location with large patio right on the Roundout. I eat there regularly. They have the best traditional Mexican (same menu as original location down the street). The staff is always really friendly and give you a warm welcome and of course the best Margaritas around. Kids can feed ducks right off Patio."

Bruce Hartman - 10/06/2002
"Our party of 4 visited Rosita's last night for the first time. They were in the midst of caterimg a large party and devoted all their staff to this event, ignoring the needs of the regular diners. We sat for an unusually long time waiting for our main course and finally cancelled our coffee order when it failed to arrive in a timely manner. The waitress apologized, but no one attempted to mitigate our disappointment in the neglectful service by offering a free drink or other compensation which one comes to expect as good business practice. We have decided to give them one more try...on an evening when there is no large event going on at the same time."

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