What is HV/Net's Trip Planner?

We have created this on-line function to allow you to browse through all of our Travel Information at www.hvnet.com, selecting various businesses, sites and attractions and putting them into "Your Trip Planner." It's really easy, just click on "Save Item" located in the upper right corner of any Business Listing that can be saved.

As you browse the site, save things, as many things, as you want. Then when you are done, you can click on the "List" link and we will bring up a complete list of everything you have expressed an interest in. Then all you have to do is print them out. And we make that simple as well, just click on the bright red button that "Click Here To Print," located at the bottom of the list.

We will then process your list and send to your browser a PDF file containing the details on all of the locations you have selected. You then just print this document by pressing the little printer icon located up in the menu bar.